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A Little About Us

Funtastics is a family-friendly gym focused on supporting the growth mindset and development of gymnasts and athletes alike. We offer recreational and competitive programs for kids in pre-school through age 18, including overall fitness conditioning, tumbling skills, and strength-building on various gymnastics apparatus.


In addition, Funtastics offers Caregiver & Me Open Gym, a variety of Pop-Ups, and a Ninja that combines skills inspired by gymnastics, parkour, and strength training. 


Summer 2023 Schedule

Revised schedule 

Revised Summer 2023.png

At Funtastics, we have age-based classes but group within the class according to ability. Each class starts with gymnastic basics (handstands, cartwheels, bridges, balance) and builds from there, incorporating strengthening, flexibility, and skills used for competitive teams! 


For younger ages, we work on gross motor skills of jumping, proper landing technique, and swinging and hand-eye coordination. 

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